Task Management

In today’s business world, task management has a place above your standard calendar or written reminders. Having spent time working on a team in an office environment as well as at home at my own pace, I have a handle on what I need as well as suggestions for my clients to keep us all on task and communicating seamlessly.

The majority of my task management experience has been with Project Management Office (PMO) software:

Asana: Asana is used for creating individual tasks (cards) that can be assigned to one person at a time, though entire teams of people can view “boards.”

Trello: Trello is similar to Asana in that it involves tasks on cards. The views are more standard in Trello, whereas with Asana you have more options for viewing/organizing your own tasks.

Notion: This is more of an all in one tracking for timing, tasks, log-ins. It’s helpful for multiple involved in the same projects.

I also communicate with my clients via messaging platforms (such as Slack) in addition to email.

I find that the combination of software and messaging platforms help to keep us all on task, without cluttering our inbox with questions pertaining to projects we’re currently working on.

This is certainly not a conclusive list of task management options, what works best for you on your projects?

Jessica Jenkins is a Virtual Assistant, specializing in task management and providing solutions tailored to individual business needs. Based out of Colorado Springs, CO and available for your contracting needs.

Problem Solving

Skill Set Collage_ Problem Solving

I’d say that problem solving is probably one of my greatest skills sets. I have always loved puzzles and have a hard time walking away from one that I’ve started, before finishing. Like all good skills, this plays out in more ways than just a business mindset. In parenting my five-year-old, he’s figured this out a long time ago. In fact, the greatest tool in his arsenal of bedtime stall tactics is to ask me to do a puzzle with him.

I thrive on finding current solutions to age-old problems. Even better if someone else has already built the system to solve the conundrum! An example of something that I do quite a bit, building and booking travel itineraries. For someone like me, travel search platforms like Expedia, Kayak, etc. aren’t super helpful unless the client already has a preference with an account created. Enter Google Flights. Now as a member of this century, we know Google does everything and after visiting that link, you might be thinking “But that’s just flights, does Google do more?” Oh yes. Hotels, Rental Car… all of it. Simply open a new browser and type in “hotels in…” or “rental cars in…” and the city/region you’re looking for and your results are all the options available. Found quickly, without creating additional accounts (my google account is my standard).

Jessica Jenkins is a Virtual Assistant, specializing in problem-solving and troubleshooting solutions tailored to individual business needs. Based out of Seattle, WA and available for your contracting needs.