Problem Solving

Skill Set Collage_ Problem Solving

I’d say that problem solving is probably one of my greatest skills sets. I have always loved puzzles and have a hard time walking away from one that I’ve started, before finishing. Like all good skills, this plays out in more ways than just a business mindset. In parenting my five-year-old, he’s figured this out a long time ago. In fact, the greatest tool in his arsenal of bedtime stall tactics is to ask me to do a puzzle with him.

I thrive on finding current solutions to age-old problems. Even better if someone else has already built the system to solve the conundrum! An example of something that I do quite a bit, building and booking travel itineraries. For someone like me, travel search platforms like Expedia, Kayak, etc. aren’t super helpful unless the client already has a preference with an account created. Enter Google Flights. Now as a member of this century, we know Google does everything and after┬ávisiting that link, you might be thinking “But that’s just flights, does Google do more?” Oh yes. Hotels, Rental Car… all of it. Simply open a new browser and type in “hotels in…” or “rental cars in…” and the city/region you’re looking for and your results are all the options available. Found quickly, without creating additional accounts (my google account is┬ámy standard).

Jessica Jenkins is a Virtual Assistant, specializing in problem-solving and troubleshooting solutions tailored to individual business needs. Based out of Seattle, WA and available for your contracting needs.